Friday, October 1, 2010


This blog is dedicated to the current and future branches of the Foster-Nelms, Chick-Tucker, and Johnson-Vance and allied families.

This is a place where we can stop and remember, share stories, history, and photos. 

We must make sure that our legacy is passed on to future generations.  Their success is rooted in holding to this sure foundation.  The knowledge of where they came from will take them far.  When I read my daughter's words a few years ago, I knew came to see the importance of compiling and sharing family history: 

Adrianne, 2008

"You can really set a straight path for yourself when you know how hard your family has tried to make a good future for you.  When I do my family history, I gain more respect for my family and myself....I see the difference my ancestors made for the next generation...I feel I have a duty not to let them down or make them feel like the great things they did for me were a waste.....I thought that when I did my family history, I would run into the sadness of slavery, but I was able to see past all that ..."---Adri

Dad's high school graduation photo,
St. Augustine, Memphis Tennessee

How were our ancestors able to endure?  I came across this slip of paper with a handwritten phrase my father jotted down just after the death of his mother, Ora.  He was not a very religious man, however, during this time of great sorrow, he remembered what his mother had taught him.  He wrote down and now it stands as a reminder to us all.  I hope we are able to recall and share other pearls of wisdom as well.  I am sure it brought him much comfort and courage to face the days ahead:

Written by Robert (Bobby) in 1971 just after his mother, Ora, died.

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